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National Emoticon

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Has everyone noticed how much this Singaporean national emblem resembles an emoticon?

I wonder if our country’s early leaders really had a sense of humour (I seriously doubt that). Modern day lexicon and usage aside, it’s still recognisable as a smiley face. Even the designer back in the 60’s must have realised it, right?


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August 18, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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iPhone likes and gripes

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About a month out of the box, here is my honest, non-fanboy list of likes and gripes about the iPhone.


1. Horizontal typing on qwerty is fast (but needs two hands)
2. Auto correct is smart
3. Many useful apps
4. Some very fun games
5. Voice control is very cool
6. Great for checking email and tweeting on the go
7. Blogging is convenient with the WordPress app
8. Evernote is very productive
9. Ebuddy makes IM on the go very convenient
10. Greatly expands the idea of what you can do on the go on your phone


1. Vertical one-handed typing on qwerty takes getting used to if you’re a big t9 user
2. Keyboard takes up too much of screen when horizontal
3. Cursor control is a bit twitchy
4. Battery life if using apps heavily is very short (less than 24 hours)
5. Big n heavy
6. Can’t customise easily
7. Oganising apps on iPhone pages can be really troublesome
8. Can’t use music as ringtones easily
9. Can’t use music as alarms easily
10. Good apps can be hard to find and buried in the app store
11. Many free games are hamstrung (“lite” version = first level only)
12. Not easy to transfer files across out of the box (you need Documents 2, Good reader, Air sharing or similar document management app)
13. Syncing takes a long time
14. Syncing can get a bit flakey at times
15. Wi-fi and 3G can get a bit flakey at times

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August 9, 2009 at 9:27 am

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