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Twitter is killing my mind

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I love Twitter as a source of new information, but I think it’s slowly killing my mind.

Pushing out 140 character tweets is a great exercise in generating concise real time updates, insights, discoveries and recommendations to explore. But it really doesn’t encourage deep thought, investigation and interrogation.

Scanning the feed provides a broad discovery experience, but I find myself jumping from tweet to tweet, grasping the gist and moving on, without dwelling much on each. Admittedly, not all tweets demand much dwelling, but that in itself is not something to be proud of.

I miss the act of constructing a sentence that becomes a paragraph and ends as a page, or even a few, and I’m quite sure my mind misses the linguistic exercise as well. I do wonder how many people are blogging (or simply writing) less since becoming more active on Twitter.

The process of engagement, while made more convenient by Twitter, also changes somewhat. While a conversation composed of short 140 character tweets is engagement in a sense, it’s not quite the same as a considered and lively debate that burrows, winds, uncovers and may even come to blows.

So I’ll still be lurking on Twitter, watching the stream for interesting nuggets of information, and dropping a tweet or two now and then, but hopefully also following up on each insight and discovery I find with deeper thought, analysis, synthesis and perhaps an occasional blog post (which will eventually get tweeted thanks to the cleverness of Twitterfeed).

Here’s to a little less Twitter and a lot more writing (and thinking).


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October 22, 2009 at 12:41 pm

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