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How I Use Twitter Today

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My love-hate relationship with Twitter continues as I try to find a meaningful use of it that delivers value to me and to people who might be following me.

My Twitterfeed used to be a collective stream of consciousness from the people I followed, and my posts were similarly a stream of thoughts-as-they-occurred-to-me. Expected Value? Low – because all that noise made it difficult to find posts of value.

Today, I use Twitter as a recommendation engine. The value I get from it is in the form of links, places, pieces of news, ideas, opinions and thoughts recommended by people whose feeds I find interesting. Likewise, I use Twitter to recommend links, places, news, ideas, opinions and thoughts that I think might be interesting to people who might be following me.

That’s meant cleaning up the list of people I follow (i.e. unfollowing people who post “Waiting in line for …”) and being more disciplined about what I share on Twitter.

Obviously different people use Twitter in different ways, and people who want to use it to keep up with what their friends are doing would have a different usage pattern. I’ve found myself settling into the above use to try to get more of the kind of value that I want out of Twitter.


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February 15, 2010 at 12:18 pm

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