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Facebook beats Twitter during the Singapore General Election

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It did for me, at least.

I used to use a Twitter list compiling feeds from Singapore- and Singapore-politics-related blogs and tweeters, but during the 2011 General Election, I found myself relying on Facebook much more than on Twitter, referring to Facebook pages by the Straits Times, The Online Citizen and a handful of other page owners for live updates of the elections. Being able to view updates on different pages provided a more organised experience than seeing everything in one feed, because I wouldn’t end up missing an update if my main feed (with everyone’s updates) filled up with new information. And when I wanted to see what my friends thought about what was happening, I’d look at my main feed.

What was most useful about Facebook was the notifications I got when my friends commented on my updates (which might have been my own comments or stuff I’d shared from other friends or pages), which let me zoom into and carry on the conversations easily, even many simultaneously. This is an experience I wasn’t able to duplicate on Twitter easily.

When it came to expressing my own views about the election, I realised that I wasn’t interested in just broadcasting my views to the ether and getting my views heard (or hoping that someone “following” me would pick it up), but I was also in who would be hearing my views, and that it wasn’t some bot who would start following me because my update mentioned “election”.

That made the fact that only friends receive my updates of Facebook more relevant. The corollary here is to choose one’s friends wisely.

Twitter probably still has its uses. It will likely remain my RSS reader for technology, political and other news when 2-way conversations are not important, but I certainly see myself broadcasting a lot less on it, and also using it less as a means of 2-way communication.

Has Twitter become just a feedreader for blogs and tweets from interesting commentators for me?


Written by tokyotribe

May 29, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Posted in Tech

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