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Blogging from Command Line

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For anyone interested in trying out blogging from the command line, I recommend, a python script by Stuart Rackham, which lets you create, update, list and delete posts for your WordPress blog from command line.

It’s super easy to install and configure. The instructions are here, although you’ll need to install Mercurial, a code repository manager, first to grab the code. The full manual for blogpost is here, and it took all of five minutes to grab, install, configure and start using.

Once you’ve got it working, you can write a function in your .bash_profile to make it easier to pass parameters to blogpost like this:

function blog(){
~/blogpost/ post “$1” -d html -t “$2” -c “$3”;

(Sample usage: blog samplepost.html “Title of blogpost” sample_category)

Or you can use this shell script by Raam Dev

And if you’re using Blogger instead, try GoogleCL, a bunch of command line tools for Google APIs, including Blogger. Very nice!


Written by tokyotribe

June 5, 2011 at 4:32 am

Posted in Tech

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